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MyDeal Gift Cards Terms and Conditions

  1. Gift Cards

    1. 1.1 These terms and conditions apply to all gift cards (“Gift Cards”) issued by E-Com (Aus) Pty Ltd (“MyDeal, we, us, our”) to customers or their gift recipients (“Users”) for use on MyDeal's website, and by purchasing or using a Gift Card you agree to be subject to these terms.
      1.2 Gift Cards may either be offered as a physical card purchasable from a store or as a digital card purchasable online.
      1.3 All Gift Cards have an expiry date of 3 years from the date of issue. Any balance remaining at the expiry date is forfeited and non-refundable.

  2. Using Gift Cards

    1. 2.1 A Gift Card (both physical and digital) acts like a credit or debit card and comprises of a unique card number and pin number, which are both required to complete a transaction.
      2.2 Users are responsible for keeping Gift Cards and their card and pin numbers secure. MyDeal will not replace or reissue lost, stolen or damaged Gift Cards (including card and pin numbers) nor will MyDeal reissue or refund Gift Cards where they have been used without the authority of the Gift Card User.
      2.3 Gift Cards can be redeemed for purchases on MyDeal’s website (
      2.4 Gift Cards cannot be:
        (a) exchanged or redeemed for cash;
        (b) used to purchase other Gift Cards;
        (c) reloaded with additional funds;
        (d) resold.

      2.5 In addition to these terms, all purchases made using Gift Cards on MyDeal are subject to MyDeal's User Agreement.

  3. Privacy

    1. 3.1 Our Gift Cards program is managed in partnership with Vii Pty Ltd (“Vii”). When purchasing a MyDeal Gift Card, your information is provided to Vii, who provide that information to us. To see how both MyDeal and Vii manage your personal information, see MyDeal's Privacy Policy and Vii's Privacy Policy.

  4. Refunds to Gift Cards

    1. 4.1 Apart from where required by law, where you are eligible to be refunded for any product purchased using a Gift Card on MyDeal, we will refund that purchase to the Gift Card used, or issue you with a new Gift Card to the value of the amount refunded.
      4.2 If you are eligible for a refund for defective goods and:
      1. there is less than 14 days remaining prior to the expiry date of the Gift Card; or
      2. your Gift Card has expired; we will extend the expiry period of the Gift Card, or reissue you a Gift Card, for an additional period of 30 days (or such longer period at our discretion).

  5. Limitation of Liability

    1. 5.1 You have certain rights under the Australian Consumer Law that cannot be excluded by these terms and conditions. Except as permitted by law, where your Gift Card does not function as intended, you remedy will be limited to replacement of the Gift Card with a functional Gift Card to the same value and we will not be liable for any loss or damage (including direct, indirect, special or consequential loss or damage) in connection with the use of the Gift Card.

  6. General

    1. 6.1 These terms and conditions shall be construed and enforced in accordance with the laws in the State of Victoria and any dispute arising under these terms shall be exclusively subject to the jurisdiction of the Victorian courts, sitting in Melbourne.
      6.2 If any clause or part of this agreement is unenforceable it shall be read down or severed from these terms and the rest of this agreement shall remain in force.
      6.3 MyDeal may assign this agreement to a third party at any time without notice to any Users or holders of any Gift Cards.